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Beach Volleyball is right around the corner!

Make sure you check out our Beach Volleyball page for updates!

If any of these results sound good to you then you should play and train for beach volleyball.

  • Do you want to become a more complete volleyball player?
  • Would you like to be a better passer?
  • Develop better ball control?
  • Improve your defense?
  • Become a more effective and dynamic attacker?
  • Do you want to return to the gym in the fall moving faster, jumping higher and playing with greater agility than you ever did before? 

Olympic gold medalist and beach legend Karch Kiraly recommends beach volleyball for indoor players. According to Karch:

“It’s easier to take your outdoor skills in to the gym than to bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason. Beach volleyball forces you to have all the skills. That’s why I think it’s a good idea for indoor players to play on the beach....Learning those skills can only help improve a player’s indoor performance. All my years playing on the beach as a kid certainly helped my indoor game. If nothing else, a player’s quickness and jump will be increased by playing on soft sand.” 
Karch Kiraly, Beach Volleyball, 13-14 (1999).

Now that the NCAA has approved “sand volleyball” as an official collegiate sport, college volleyball coaches increasingly are using beach volleyball training to improve even their indoor players. In fact the vast majority of women’s collegiate “sand volleyball” players also compete on their college indoor teams and their collegiate coaches expressly recognize the benefits that sand volleyball has for their players’ indoor game.
John Cook, head coach of the University of Nebraska Women’s Volleyball Program states:


“We feel there are many advantages to training in the sand and we have gone as far as building an indoor sand court at Nebraska. Not only can [the players] play on the sand, but we can train them there as well.”

Keith Hart

Club Director

Phone: 916-276-4246

Teri Grant

Financial Administrator

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NCVA Premier League Schedule

14U 16U 17U/
NCVA Premier League Qualifier January 21st January 21st January 21st
NCVA League #1 January 28th January 28th January 28th
NCVA League #2 February 25th February 25th February 24th
NCVA League #3 March 18th March 11th March 11th
NCVA League #4 May 5th April 15th April 14th
NCVA Premier Region Championship May 19th-20th May 12th-13th May 12th-13th

Special Events (extra fees may apply)

California Kickoff January 13th-15th San Jose, CA
Kick Start January 13th San Jose, CA
Presidents Day February 17th-19th San Jose, CA
Golden State National Qualifier March 2nd-4th Reno, NV
Golden State Classic March 3rd-4th San Jose, CA
Spring Fling March 3rd-4th Tulare, CA
Far Western National Qualifier April 21st-23rd & 27th-29th Reno, NV
Bay View Classic May 26th-28th San Mateo, CA

Capital Region Volleyball Club

The mission of CRVC is to promote and develop the sport of volleyball and to support parents in guiding each player to become the best person they can be. CRVC recognizes that participation in any sport is good for the physical, mental, and social development of young people. CRVC is completely dedicated to providing its athletes with the technical, tactical and physical training to reach their highest possible potential as volleyball players. CRVC is also committed to providing the most cost effective situation for its families and their club volleyball experience.

Keith Hart

Club Director

Phone: 916-276-4246

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